Add rhythm to your vacation and experience!

Danza il Tuo Viaggio differentiates the activities and services proposed offering moments of dance and movement during your tours in Italy.

Classes of all levels, with qualified teachers and above all out of the conventional studios and in dream places!

Think of a seaside villa overlooking the “faraglioni” in Capri, or a fabulous beach in Sardinia or Calabria, or a Greek temple in Sicily: dances, gymnastic exercises and moments dedicated to sport will make the experience even more beautiful and significant.

We offer alternatives to your wellness experience

Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, with a group of colleagues or with your family and children, dedicating a moment to yourself on vacation is essential. An alternative to the classic wellness proposal: stretching in the morning, local folk lessons such as Italian pizzica, yoga dance and meditation, modern or contemporary dance, tango, classical dance for adults, walks and sports activities by the sea or in a beautiful hotel. Thanks to our skills both in the world of dance and movement and in hospitality, we can organize special activities, which can also be experienced from the comfort and splendor of your hotel rooms.

Info and conditions

If you want to enjoy the benefits of movement, contact us and we will propose the right thing for you and adapt according to the season of the year. We create tailor-made experiences, to meet your expectations and desires, adding some rhythm to your holiday and itineraries in Italy. And if you intend to travel to the Balearic Islands, Egypt, or cities like London or New York, thanks to our dense network of contacts we can provide you with the right support.

Simple choreographies with the right teachers, dream villages and resorts, music, and the possibility of attending ballets, performing arts and shows in the best theatres: the perfect combo for an unforgettable stay!

Our initiatives are particularly ideal for groups, incentives, team buildings organized throughout the Italian destinations and are recommended to women that look for fun inspirations. Contact us to plan your customized event and enjoy the benefit of dance and art combined with traditions and unique locations!

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