giuliana cucco mi presento

Nice to meet you!

Ciao, sono Giuliana

“Life is a journey and we want to dance it, live it with emotions and colors, the right rhythm and a great desire for discovery”.

My heart beats for dance: a passion that has accompanied me since I was a child, when I dreamed that when I grew up I would dance and get to know the world through dance. I left my Sicily to become a professional in the luxury hospitality sector, through experiences in the most important structures in the city that represents style and elegance in the world: Milan.

I know what excellent customer service is because I have been involved in guaranteeing assistance and satisfaction for years. I propose high standards by working in detail on the design of the experience, to provide tailor-made packages and deliver on promises. All this to make customers feel special.

Danza il tuo viaggio was born from an ambitious idea: to create unique and top-level experiences, where the love for dance and movement are combined with the taste for travel and discovery.

Danza il tuo viaggio is a network of professionals and skills, coordinated in synergy to meet the needs, desires and aspirations of those in search of emotions and tailor-made moments. The proposals of Danza il tuo viaggio are born from continuous research and selection, dedicated to individuals and companies. A catalog of customizable packages, created with the care and attention to detail that are the signature of Danza il tuo Viaggio.

Danza il tuo viaggio è un progetto di GIULIANA EVENTS AND SERVICES S.R.L. Milano C.F. e P. IVA: 11346660969
A proud member of
XO Private Luxury Club